About New Zealand Coastal Seafoods

New Zealand Coastal Seafoods (NZCS) is a secondary producer of seafood products, premium marine ingredients, and nutraceuticals. The company has traditionally focused on the selling of Ling Maw, however with the acquisition (March 2020) of Kiwi Dreams International (KDI Ltd), NZCS has entered into the Nutraceutical market. Based from its upgraded facility in Christchurch, New Zealand the company was listed on the ASX in 2019.

Harnessing the countries reputation for pure, pristine waters and fisheries provenance, NZCS utilise raw ingredients sourced from New Zealand’s finest deep sea fishing companies, employing a nose-to-tail philosophy to create a range of high-value products.

NZCS has a registered and verified Risk Management Program (RMP) with the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), which verifies that the required Joint Food Standards under the Australia NZ Food Standards Code have been met and subsequently OMARs have been obtained for export markets.

We are halal certified

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