Top two seafood spots to try in the South Island of New Zealand this Summer

Top two seafood spots to try in the South Island of New Zealand this Summer

By having beautiful coastlines around the country we benefit by having some of the freshest seafood on offer. If you and your family are planning to travel and road trip around the South Island of New Zealand this Summer, we’ve picked our top two spots for delicious seafood along the way!
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1.Greenshell Mussels at The Mussel Pot Restaurant, Havelock, South Island

A must try for seafood lovers are Green-lipped mussels. We highly recommend visiting The Mussel Pot Restaurant located in Havelock which is in the beautiful Marlborough region in the South Island.

New Zealand is the only country where Greenshell™ Mussels naturally occur. They are farmed in six main growing regions using a long-line rope system and take 12-18 months to grow to market size.

New Zealand operates one of the strictest quality assurance programs for shellfish in the world. Water quality is rigorously and constantly monitored, and no shellfish can be harvested from the farms until both the water testing, the product testing and environmental monitoring are declared safe.

Core to the industry is a commitment to sustainable practices. The practice of Aquaculture is considered to be one of the worlds most sustainable methods of food production. 
Greenshell™ Mussels are high in protein, low in fat and provide a source of Omega 3s. They are also a rich source of selenium, iron, VitaminB12 and iodine and a good source of magnesium and calcium. Nutracuetical products derived from Greenshell™ Mussels are commonly associated with supporting joint mobility. View our Greenshell™ Mussels.
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2. Pāua/Abalone: Kaikoura, South Island
Extremely rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins, Pāua or abalone is beneficial for maintaining general health and for supporting the liver.

We highly recommend visiting the Kaikōura Seafood BBQ who specialises in local seafood and has a great pāua pattie made from blackfoot abalone. It is affordable, highly regarded, and is a great stop for seafood including crayfish, scallops, whitebait fritters, and seafood chowder. View our abalone products.
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