Three reasons to invest in NZCS

Three reasons to invest in NZCS

1) Long-term investment opportunity

New Zealand Coastal Seafoods is a great company to invest in due to the long-term investment opportunity that exists with the country’s fishing industry being both sustainable and ecological. Our fisheries are maintained with the future in mind thanks to a pioneering Quota Management System that controls the harvest levels for each fish species and area. It is estimated that 97% of New Zealand’s commercial catch is from sustainable stocks.

“New Zealand seafood products command a high premium because of the beautiful, clean, pristine environment they come from.” – NZCS Executive Director, Aldo Miccio

New Zealand Coastal Seafoods exporting products

2) Growing exporter of seafood

We aim to be a company our customers and investors can trust and take pride in the products we supply where our catch is as pure as the water it’s caught in.

The New Zealand seafood industry is the country’s seventh-largest export earner. In 2020 alone New Zealand exported seafood that brought in close to $2.0 billion and currently generates $5.2 billion in economic output annually from approximately 600,000 tonnes of harvested seafood (excluding aquaculture) from New Zealand’s oceans. We are proud to be included in these statistics and to be a growing processor and distributor of premium seafood products locally and internationally.

New Zealand Coastal Seafoods products

3) Growing awareness of health benefits from Seafood premium products

Awareness of the health benefits that come from seafood is increasing, and consequently, so has the demand for our premium seafood products. What we’re seeing is that people are leaning towards the notion of ‘food is medicine’ and discovering seafood holds a lot of the nutritional value they are looking for. According to the Ministry of Business & Innovation, fish extract exports like Ling maw (fish swim bladder) are growing. The product plays to New Zealand Coastal Seafoods’ strength in nutraceuticals and a range of Ling maw products.

We do the best we can to sustainably process the seafood we catch to maintain their health benefits. For example, “Our wild capture ling fish are organic and unadulterated, as nature intended…processed and frozen at sea in under 6 hours from being caught, which makes our product unbelievably fresh. The quick processing improves the quality, it has a fresher taste and smell and as a result, our ling maw is an extremely premium product.” – Peter Win

Research and development is important to New Zealand Coastal Seafoods to ensure we evolve and continue to benefit people with our products in the ever-changing market. One product we are extremely excited about is the recent launch of a collagen powder extracted from Ling maw.

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