Three great sites for Seafood recipe inspiration

Three great sites for Seafood recipe inspiration

These are our top three websites to visit when looking for recipes to cook Seafood dishes (in no particular order). These are all New Zealand websites and cater to the available Seafood and ingredients found in our country:


Dish is a New Zealand food magazine and have a beautifully photographed website page dedicated to delicious and achievable recipes including Seafood dishes. Visit the Seafood page.


Viva is a magazine that is available in the New Zealand Herald every Wednesday. The magazine also have a website where they share cuisine, culture, fashion and beauty. Earlier this year they shared 26 Seafood recipes collated from their site. Visit the page of 26 Seafood recipes to try. is ‘the home of the New Zealand Seafood industry’ where you can learn more about the quality of the seafood the country harvests, the key role the Seafood industry plays in the country’s economy and the people involved to make it happen. have a library of Seafood recipes with beautiful imagery and an easy-to-follow lay out. Visit the Seafood recipe library.

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